Most people in Europe assume that climate change won’t affect them. That it’s only people who live on tropical Islands or arid countries that need to worry. But that’s not true. Especially for Italy and Greece, which are two of t [...]
The biggest threat to Turkey’s security? No it’s not the Kurds, or ISIS or Syria it’s climate change. And once more very few people recognise it. Once again the problem is water. Like other countries in the region Turkey is already dry [...]
Uzbekistan calls itself the sunny country with more than 270 sunny days per year. It could equally be called the dry country. 70% of the country is desert and the rest doesn’t get much more rain. In 2005 the country had a water deficit of 2, [...]
Looking at the bright green valleys filled with lush spring grass and the raging torrents of melt water cascading down the mountain sides it’s hard to imagine Kyrgyzstan suffering as a result of climate change but it will. Its mountainous te [...]
China is often painted as the villain of climate change it is the country with the highest greenhouse gas emissions after all. But what often isn’t mentioned is just how badly affected China will be by climate change. Already suffering from  [...]
It was time to bid farewell to Vietnam (for the time being anyway) which apart from a 5 day sojourn to Cambodia had been my home for the past 2 years and 3 months. A place which I have grown to love deeply. How could you not with its winning combi [...]
Hoi An is often the highlight of someone’s visit to Vietnam. It is the only town to survive the ravages of 50 years of war unscathed and is famed for its historic buildings and charming riverside location. What is less well known however is  [...]