A week today we will set off on our bike ride from Vietnam to Paris for action on climate change.

All our preparations are proceeding well. We are busy planning our departure events. Just to be greedy we’ll be having two. One from An Giang province in the Mekong Delta from the community we are fundraising for on the 9th of February. Then we’ll be biking back to Ho Chi Minh city and leaving again on the 12th of February.

As well as the physical preparations we also have to prepare mentally. Biking 16,000 km over 10 months isn’t going to be easy. One of the keys to our success will be the support of all you guys. Thanks everybody for all your likes and best wishes. We now have 267 likes on our Facebook page. It’s really great to have all your support and to know we have so many people behind us. But we want even more love!!!!

We set off on our trip in 7 days. It would be really awesome if we could get to 500 likes by the time we set off. So please share our page with your friends and networks and ask them to like us. Thanks again to you all.

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