It was a another dull and grey start to the day. Although at least it wasn’t raining. it was cold though well cool anyway after living in Saigon it was the first I have actually felt chilly in 2 years apart from going to the cinema because f [...]
It was misty as we left Hue the streets were dull and grey and a light drizzle was falling. The ramparts of the fortifications and the famous bridge over the perfume river took on a mystical quality in the fog. Even at this early hour the streets  [...]
It was time to tackle the famed hai van pass . The highest pass on the main north south route to Vietnam. We had a hearty breakfast of the local noodles mi quang and set off to ride through Đà Nẵng. I like the city. It’s big enough to still  [...]
Hoi An is often the highlight of someone’s visit to Vietnam. It is the only town to survive the ravages of 50 years of war unscathed and is famed for its historic buildings and charming riverside location. What is less well known however is  [...]
It was peaceful the only sounds the birds twittering in the trees and the wind sighing through the coconut palms . A swallow swoops low over the green paddy field to catch an insect. It was hard to imagine that on this very site something horrible [...]
76 km 1096 km Today was my favourite day of the trip so far. It had everything quiet roads winding past emerald lee green paddy fields friendly people sea views and a couple of stiff climbs. To top it all off we had some awesome thought provoking  [...]
Dai Lanh to Tuy Hoa 40 km Tuy Hoa to Quy Nhon 105 km Từ Đại Lãnh tới Tuy Hòa 40km Tuy Hòa đến Quy Nhơn 105km We ate a hearty breakfast to prepare ourselves for the rigors to come. And then set off in the early morning sun. At the end of the villag [...]
We rose at dawn as we had a big day ahead of us 100 kilometres to cover to reach Nha Trang and a welcome day off by the beach. We loaded our panniers with all the provisions we purchased the night before and then looked in frustration at all the o [...]