Reflections on a year spent cycling
A couple of weeks ago we flew over the broad, flat expanse of the Mekong Delta during our descent into Ton Son Nhat airport. A year and 2 weeks beforehand a few kilometres to the north west we’d loaded up our bicycles and peddled northwards. [...]
We’re f$#@ed. Why I quit as a climate change activist
It’s still not too late to prevent catastrophic climate change but it’s now almost certainly not going to be stopped. It’s not so much the disastrous outcome of the Paris conference (we always knew that it was going to be a failure) bu [...]
A whole thesaurus of praise has been heaped on the climate change agreement reached in Paris in December. “Historic” “unprecedented” “a diplomatic triumph” “a big, big deal”…. And for an agreem [...]
France – the final police state of our trip
After passing through Vietnam, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey we entered the 7th police state of our trip. But that was yet to come. All was calm as we arrived at the border on a bright and sunny morning. A couple of bored lookin [...]
Most people in Europe assume that climate change won’t affect them. That it’s only people who live on tropical Islands or arid countries that need to worry. But that’s not true. Especially for Italy and Greece, which are two of t [...]
Visiting Italy was the fulfilment of a childhood dream. When I was planning the route I asked Kim which countries she wanted to visit. Italy came the immediate reply a combination of the culture, romance and attractiveness of the football team had [...]
Our time in Greece was the shortest we had spent in any country. Except of course for Turkmenistan but that was only 5 days so that doesn’t count. It may have been short but it was certainly memorable. It was hard to tell the difference as w [...]
Cappadocia is a fantastic place for some rest and relaxation and catching up with a loved one. After more than two weeks of sleeping in tents and on sofas I figured a bit of luxury was in order. So spotting a bit of a bargain online booked into a  [...]
The biggest threat to Turkey’s security? No it’s not the Kurds, or ISIS or Syria it’s climate change. And once more very few people recognise it. Once again the problem is water. Like other countries in the region Turkey is already dry [...]
When I arrived Turkey was at war. A cynical war engineered for electoral purposes. In the last elections in June long-time prime minister and now president Recep Tayyip Erdogan had gone to the electorate with a plan to change the constitution. To  [...]
Like the perfect host he is Hossein insisted on paying for our bus tickets. I tried to argue, but it was futile. He told is he’d bought us the best seats on the best bus he could find. The ticket seller however was rather economical with the [...]
Iran is a funny place. At first sight it is a modern late capitalist economy with a network of quality roads, inhabited by shiny up to date cars driving between gleaming high rise cities. It’s population is youthful and highly educated all s [...]