This was the hardest day of the trip so far. We didn’t go very far but there were a lot of hills and it was stinking hot . It started off innocently enough . We set off along the road to Mui Ne. It was beautiful in the early morning light an [...]
Refreshed from a day off we eagerly got back onto the saddle and continued our ride along the coast to Phan Thiet. The road was gently undulating with wonderful views down to the ocean and along the pristine coastal environment. There were rolling [...]
Ngai Giao to Ho Tram 36km Total Distance 345km Day 5 and the aches and pains of five straight days in the saddle are beginning to take their toll. We hoist are weary legs over the bikes and set up. And of course there are yet more hills nothing to [...]
Ho Chi Minh City to Ngai Giao 85km Total Distance 309 km Day 4 and we have our second departure of the trip courtesy of the Australian International School and my good friend Chris who works there. The awesome guys from came down to promot [...]
Day 2 and another awesome days cycling. Although it couldn’t quite match glorious scenery from the day before. Ngày thứ 2 chúng tôi lên đường, dù cho cảnh không được đẹp lắm như hôm đầu tiên. Because of the excitement of the last few days an [...]
I awoke early. Loud voices outside the room and light streaming in through the window. Shit i thought i must have slept in. I quickly grabbed my phone and checked the time. It was half past midnight. I’d only been asleep for an hour. But tha [...]
A week today we will set off on our bike ride from Vietnam to Paris for action on climate change. All our preparations are proceeding well. We are busy planning our departure events. Just to be greedy we’ll be having two. One from An Giang p [...]
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